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Many Internet marketing experts agree that perhaps one of the best ways to secure and maintain regular levels of traffic is through posting articles online. You can post them at your own site by adding them to the number of webpages you have, or you post them elsewhere wherever allowed.

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You may find that these articles have been uploaded in the above-mentioned article directories by other affiliate marketers. To make it better, you can re-phrase the article title or the content to make it unique and drive the traffic.

Promoting affiliate offers has changed dramatically over the last 12 month or so, especially after Google latest updates. Having said that if you follow these tips promoting How To Raise Swans is actually easier than ever. Here's a run down of some of the easiest ways to promote:

Articles: Article sites took a huge hit some time ago and no longer provide stable traffic and income for affiliates as the sites no longer rank high. Having said that a good article, piece of content or well written review is worth it's weight in gold.

Article #1 Title:
Raising Swans - 3 Secrets and Techniques in Keeping Swans Healthy


Article #2 Title:
How to Raise Swans - Tips on Raising Swans Like a Pro


Article #3 Title:
Keeping Swans - 5 Tips If You Are Thinking of Raising Swan


Article #4 Title:
Swan Health - 3 Facts to Help You in Keeping Swans Healthy and Away From Diseases


Article #5 Title:
Thinking of Raising Swans? Important Considerations Before You Buy Swan


Article #6 Title:
Why is Feeding Swans One of the Most Crucial Parts of Raising Swans?




Banner Ads

Banner ads are one of the BEST ways to promote any site as you can simply place them somewhere on your site where visitors will see them and click on them.

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Document Sharing Sites

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Right now one of the easiest ways to rank is through video, perhaps that has something to do with the fact that Google owns YouTube or perhaps I'm just being skeptical?. Regardless of what I think videos are hot right now even really bad ones! The great thing is you don't need to be an expert on video production or do any of the work yourself.

- First set up a YouTube channel
- Put a video review, ad or turn a short article into a video
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- Make 4 more videos and link to the first video, over a couple of weeks your first video should rank high providing you chose the right keyword (This works nearly every time)

If you are any good with video production you can basically right your own commission cheques at the moment, if your not get someone to do it for you for a fiverr.com. 



Free Blogs - Web2.0

Set up pages at any of the following free sites. There are literally hundreds of them (Just search for sites like 'Any of the sites I have included'). Add good content-add your affiliate link = commission.

Wordpress | Squidoo | Hubpages | Weebly

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